Come to Guatemala with the Worldschool Family for an Exclusive Worldschooling Community 
Join an intimate group of like-minded intentional families for a 7 week transformative 'Worldschool Academy' 
March 18 to May 3, 2019
San Antonio Palopó, Guatemala
(on the shores of Lake Atitlan)
Hold your spot with a non-refundable deposit
What is a 'Worldschool Academy'? 
Greg & Rachel Denning (aka The WorldSchool Family) are the parents of 7 children. They have been traveling as a family since 2007 and have been to 35 countries on 5 continents. 

One of the best parts about traveling is all the wonderful people that you meet. Some of the worst times of travel is when you feel isolated and without friends. 

Especially as their children have grown and are now starting into the teen years, the need for friendship has become even more important. 
So has the need to raise the level of education. Teenagers need to be mentored and challenged in order to prepare them for adulthood.

In order to continue traveling while still meeting these needs for connection and education, Rachel envisioned the idea of a 'Worldschool Academy' -- a sort of traveling school & community of like-minded, intentional families.
The WorldSchool Family will be hosting their first official Worldschool Academy in 2019. It will be held at a luxury residence in San Antonio Palopó on the shores of Lake Atitlan.

Our goal is to create a safe environment of learning and growth for families with children of all ages. 

Based on the idea of a homeschool co-op or a shared learning space, we will be creating a center of study, development and connection for families who are seeking education and 
socialization opportunities for themselves and their children. The difference is that this experience will be held internationally, adding to it the rich cultural experiences of being abroad.

Additional Worldschool Academies (WSAs) are planned to be held in China (June 2019), Mongolia (?) and Bali (October 2019).
What WILL This Worldschool Academy (WSA) LOOK LIKE?
WSA will be coordinating activities, projects, classes and lessons for children of all ages, as well as learning and growth opportunities/workshops for parents/adults. 

Our focus for children and youth will be on creating a safe space where all learning styles are accepted and respected. The methodolgies used will be child-led, project based learning and mentoring. Children will be safely challenged to try & learn new things, connect, and work on a project with friends to completion (like creating a music video, weaving a scarf or writing a play).

Some of the opportunities available will be: nursery, preschool, 'kinder-garten', Spanish lessons, music lessons and jam sessions, Dungeons & Dragons, math, history, science, art, writing/blogging/journaling, book clubs, life skills, independent projects, games, youth leadership, and more.

Our focus for parents will be on personal development, parent mentor training, education (home/worldschooling), business and finances, relationships and intimacy and manhood/womanhood.

All classes and projects will be held at the luxury residence. It's intended to feel like 'home' so that there is a space and place for potty breaks, snack breaks, nap time (if needed), play time and, of course, learning and socializing. 

WSA days will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from about 10 am to 6 pm with occassional weekend activities. 

The rest of the week (Friday thru Monday) will be spent on your own time in your own activities.
You Must Have a Passport with More Than 6 Months Expiration
If your passport is expiring soon you must renew it before applying for your Chinese visa.
You Must Apply for a Chinese Visa!
You will need to visit a Chinese embassy or consulate, or use a visa processing service, to apply for a Chinese visa 4 - 12 weeks before your travel date. We will send you all the information you need in order to complete this process. Visa is $140 and a visa processing service charges $75 - $140 depending on the company.
You Must Be Physically & Mentally Fit
Due to the rigors of the program, the martial arts academy is unable to accept students that are not physically and mentally healthy.
  •  7 weeks of classes and activities for kids & teens (3-4 per day, 3x per week) at a luxury residence with the WorldSchool Family and other intentional, like-minded families. ($1500/pp value... but really priceless ;)
  •    Lunches and snacks 3 days per week. ($250/pp value)
  •  Daily transportation (3 days per week) to and from the residence from Panajachel (25 min drive) ($210/pp value)
  •  Opening & Closing Social Dinner ($40/pp value)
  •  A safe, welcoming learning environment with amazing peers and mentors.
  •  6 week LIVE Parent Mentor Training with Greg & Rachel Denning 1 day per week  ($1497 value)
  •  Educational training on creating safe learning environments for our kids. ($397 value)
  •  Book and movie clubs.
  •  Business & Finance Mastermind 1 day per week ($497/pp Value)
  •  Home/Worldschool Mastermind 1 day per week ($297/pp Value)
  •  Co-working & learning space
$4700/pp VALUE
Price includes all 7 weeks
$700/PP for ALL 7 weeks
SIGN UP before dec. 31st
  •  Accommodations (choose something as near San Antonio Palopó as possible.) 
  •  Breakfasts and dinners.
  •  Flights to Guatemala City.
  •  Transportation to or from Guatemala City (though we can help you arrange it).
  •  Teen Leadership Academy with Greg Denning (Optional, $97/pp)
  •  Couples retreat & training with Greg & Rachel Denning (Optional, $397/per couple, includes training, accomm., breakfast, lunch & dinner
  •  Spanish Lessons (optional, additional expense TBD)
  •  Certain classes or projects with additional expenses or materials (TBD)
  •  Humanitarian Leadership Expedition (held after WSA from May 4 - 11, 2019. For youth & adults ages 14+)
*Pre-Registration opens September 17, 2018 and closes November 1, 2019
  •  To participate we ask that you come for the entire 7 weeks. 
  •  Fly into Guatemala City Airport (we can help you arrange transportation to Panajachel.)
  •  No cost to participate (except for actual class costs -- take as few or many classes as you want). A small non-refundable deposit holds your spot and ensures you'll be there!
  • Cultural immersion -- Learn about Mayan culture and language    
  • Leadership and Parent Mentor Training
  •  Book & Movie Clubs 
  •  Couples Retreat
Participation Requirements
This is an exclusive experience with limited space. We will be accepting initial registration for interested families until December 31, 2018. 

If you have any questions, please email Rachel Denning at
worldschool academy standards
Our aim is to create a positive, safe, creative environment where families can create friendships, pursue passions and develop skills and talents. In order to more effectively do this, we request that certain standards are agreed to:
1. The Worldschool Academy center will be a *mostly* device free zone. We ask that only parents and mature teens bring smartphones or tablets to WSA gatherings, and that they be used sparingly. Our intention is to connect in person and to be in the present moment. 

2. No foul or offensive language or talk -- we all come from different backgrounds and varying levels of what is normal and accepted within our own families and cultures. The safest route is to use our best 'manners' while together and avoid extreme language or conversation.

3. Respect. Nuff said.
Our first Worldschool Meetup in Guatemala -- 2012
  •    Nursery (moms will take turns caring for/playing with 1-3 year olds, so other moms can have a break and/or attend classes.)  
  •   Preschool -- Children ages 3 - 6 will meet together 2x a week for crafts, activities and learning.       
  •   Kinder-Garten/Joy School -- Children ages 5 - 8 will meet together 3x per week for learning, crafts, fun and activities.
  •   Spanish Classes -- Children ages 5 - 8 will meet 3x per week to learn Spanish.
  •    Ballet -- children ages 4 -5 years.
  •   Forest School* -- Children will spend one day per week in the woods, building forts, playing games and more.
  •  Love of Learning Basic Class --  this class will provide project based activities in science, math, history, art and more. 
  •  Spanish Classes -- Children ages 9-12 will meet 3x per week to learn Spanish.
  •   Mayan Culture -- Learn about the native Mayan people and their culture. Learn traditional weaving, some words and phrases in Kaqchikel, traditional Mayan dishes and more. 
  •   Music Lessons -- choose from private or group lessons. Options include piano/keyboard, violin, guitar, bass guitar & percussion instruments. You can also receive instruction if you bring your own flute, saxophone or other woodwind and reed instruments.
  •  Life Skills -- baking, cooking, sewing, gardening, finance and more.
  •  Art Classes -- Drawing, painting, sculpting and nature journaling.
  •   STEM -- Do fun experiments in technology, physics, chemistry, biology, math and more.
  •    Sign Language & Body Movement -- learn a song and dance using American Sign Language and perform for the group during the last week.
  •   Forest School -- Children will spend one day per week in the woods, building forts, playing games and more.
  •  Classes Listed Under Love of Learning  -- Youth will also have the option of taking Spanish, Mayan Culture, Music lessons, Art, & STEM. Love of Learning Basic Class will not be offered for Youth.
  •  Youth Leadership Adventure -- 2 days of workshops, simulations, mentoring, journaling, hot springs and water park. March 15 & 16.
  •  Worldschool High School (WSHS) -- Literature. Small group mentoring 2x per week with Greg Denning. Read great literature & discuss.
  •  Worldschool High School (WSHS) -- The Inner Life. Small group mentoring 2x per week with Greg Denning. Discuss principles of personal leadership, set & achieve goals and more.
  •  Shakespeare Performance -- learn acting techniques, read and memorize lines and put together a mini performance for our final week.
  •  Historical Conquest -- play the game that allows you to conquer the world while learning about people and events in history.
  •   Vocal Performance -- learn techniques for voice and dance. Perform for the group the last week.
  •  Dance -- Learn ballroom, waltz, salsa and other dance forms.
  •    Humanitarian Leadership -- discover helping that helps instead of hurts, the true definition of poverty, and much more.
  •   Square Ft. Gardening & Permaculture -- Learn the basics of self-reliance through permaculture, composting, and square foot gardening.
  •   Math Doesn't Suck -- book club and discussion. Read books about math and discuss them. Learn how math makes up everything we know (music, nature, the universe).
  •   Next Gen Life Skills --Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance, Cooking/Baking, Health & Fitness, & Online Job Skills.
  •   Videography, Photography & Filmmaking -- Learn the basics of taking photos, video and creating films.
  •  Movies as History and Literature -- Watch movies from history and literature and then discuss and write about them. 
  •   Writing, Blogging, Journaling & Storytelling -- Learn how to share your story, find your voice, journal for discover and blog for influence.
  •    Martial Arts -- Learn MMA or Brazilian Capoeira with other youth.
  •   Personal Mentoring/Coaching - Receive one-on-one life and educational coaching from Greg Denning.
  •  Couples Retreat -- March 22 - 23, 2019. Discussions led by the Dennings on intimacy, marriage, communication, and more.  
  •  Parent Mentor Training -- Our kids need us more than friends. Learn how to inspire, mentor, guide and love your kids to becoming their best self. 1x per week for 6 weeks with Greg Denning.  
  •   Man Camp Adventure -- Spend two days learning what it takes to be a real man = becoming a great husband and father. Do hard things. Overcome addictions. Provide & protect. Be tough & tender.
  •   Writing, Blogging, Journaling & Storytelling -- Learn how to share your story, find your voice, journal for discover and blog for influence.                      
  •  Business Building Mastermind -- Connect with other business owners and entrepreneurs. Share ideas, brainstorm, receive feedback and more.
  •  Movies as History and Literature Club -- Read great books and discuss them. Once a month we'll watch movies from history and discuss them.   
  •    Online Job Skills Training -- Learn what skills you need to develop in order to find work online. Create an income that is location independent.
  •  Adult Art, Music and Life Skills Classes are also an option if there's enough interest.
  •   Adult Martial Arts -- Learn MMA or Brazilian Capoeira with other adults/parents.
Quality Teachers & VOLUNTEERS Wanted
If you are interested, able, and qualified, you are welcome to apply as a teacher for a class listed below (or any other topic you’d like to suggest). If accepted, your teaching ‘salary’ would be applied/exchanged toward classes or seminars for you and/or your children.
  •  Preschool Teacher
  •  KinderGarten/Joy School Teacher
  •  Love of Learning Basic Class (ages 9 - 12)
  •  Life Skills (ages 9 - 12)
  •  Art Class (ages 9 - 12)
  •  STEM (ages 9 - 12)
  •  Life Skills (ages 13 - 18)
  •  Art Class (ages 13 - 18)
  •  STEM (ages 13 - 18)
  •  Vocal Performance Class
  •  Math Doesn't Suck Class
  •  Next Gen Life Skills Class
  •  Videography, Photography & Filmmaking Class
  •  Movies as History and Literature
What does the schedule look like?
We will try to keep the schedule of classes and lessons to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, generally starting after 9 am until into the evening as needed (depending on the classes you choose). Evenings may also include informal gatherings and dinners. Weekends will be for sightseeing, fieldtrips, couples retreat, leadership seminars, etc.

Below is a potential/sample schedule. Subject to change.
Day 1 (1ST Monday ONLY)
The first Monday is the Opening Social will be an evening meet up, dinner (included), pool time and get to know you games at the residence. 

Other Mondays are free but may have informal meet ups and dinners at the residence or organized by others in Panajachel.
Day 5 - 7 (Friday to MONDAY )
The weekends are free time for families and will only have one or two organized (optional) events with WorldSchool Academy such as a couples retreat, teen leadership event and a trip to the waterpark.

Families may organize their own events such as field trips, forest schools, horseback riding, sightseeing, and excursions.
Day 2 - 4 (Tuesday to Thursday)
Family devotional begins at the residence at 10 am. Classes, lessons & projects start after that and may include entrepreneurship, baking, kayaking, Spanish, art, music, theater, math, history, etc. 
Weeks 2 - 7
The basic schedule outlined above will be followed for weeks 2 to 7. The last week we will hold a closing Farewell Party (Friday) and registration for the upcoming Worldschool Academies (in China, Bali and Europe).
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